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West Athen Old Athen Newland City Wailing Wastes Avalon Mort Perpetual Wastelands Aegean et Warton Valley Varmint Woods Tir, Tir County et Greater Tir county Athen Shire The Longest Road Borealis Stret West Bank et Holes in the Wall 4 Holes Upper Stret Est Bank Central Artery Valley Deep Artery Valley Stret Est Bank Southern Artery Valley Belial Forest Eastern Fouls Plains Andromeda Milky Way Broken Shores Rome, Galway Shire et Galway County Clondyke Lush Fields et Mutant Domain Pleasant Meadows Southern Fouls Hills Omni Trade, Omni HQ, Omni Entertainment, Omni Forest et Greater Omni Forest Newland et Newland Desert Tir City
Ci dessous les différentes cartes disponibles
   () (2 annotations)
  4 Holes (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Adonis (Shadowland 4) (39 annotations)
  Aegean (Clan) (14 annotations)
  Andromeda (Neutre) (0 annotations)
  Athen Shire (Clan) (3 annotations)
  Avalon (Clan) (3 annotations)
  Belial Forest (Clan) (7 annotations)
  Borealis (Clan) (0 annotations)
  Broken Shores (Neutre) (3 annotations)
  Central Artery Valley (Neutre) (3 annotations)
  Clondyke (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Deep Artery Valley (Neutre) (1 annotations)
  Eastern Fouls Plains (Omni) (2 annotations)
  Elysium (Shadowland 2) (56 annotations)
  Foremans Office (Clan) (5 annotations)
  Galway County (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Inferno (Shadowland 6) (1 annotations)
  Lush Fields (Omni) (1 annotations)
  Milky Way (Omni) (1 annotations)
  Mort (Neutre) (3 annotations)
  Nascence (Shadowland 1) (18 annotations)
  Newland City (Neutre) (9 annotations)
  Newland Desert (Neutre) (4 annotations)
  Old Athen (Clan) (17 annotations)
  Omni Forest (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Penumbra (Shadowland 5) (15 annotations)
  Perpetual Wastelands (Neutre) (9 annotations)
  Pleasant Meadows (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Sheol (Shadowland 3) (25 annotations)
  Southern Artery Valley (Omni) (3 annotations)
  Southern Fouls Hills (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Stret East Bank (Omni) (0 annotations)
  Stret West Bank (Neutre) (2 annotations)
  Temple des 3 vents (Mixte) (24 annotations)
  The Longest Road (Clan) (2 annotations)
  Tir City (Clan) (13 annotations)
  Tir County (Clan) (9 annotations)
  Upper Stret East Bank (Neutre) (0 annotations)
  Varmint Woods (Clan) (16 annotations)
  Wailing Wastes (Clan) (5 annotations)
  West Athen (Clan) (8 annotations)